Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility initiative “Change a life with a smile” is primarily aimed at restoring the smiles of the economically-socially downtrodden and rehabilitating them back into society with dignity through compassionate cosmetic dentistry & implant dentistry procedures at no cost. It is primarily meant for people who have lost some or all of their teeth in the smile zone for various reasons, but not neglect.

We always have believed that if one wants to do that little bit for society, we could do it with whatever little we have. It could be in any form, be it in the form of a service, time or even monetarily. It would make a lot of difference in somebody’s life and bring that invaluable smile on to their faces that money can’t buy. Do remember that we have been lucky to be in better situations and was not our choice and it wasn’t the choice of those unlucky ones either.

We believe the best way we could give back to society is through our work. We along with our associates could better the lives of so many people who cannot afford long lasting dental rehabilitation in the smile zone. It makes a big difference in their confidence and approach towards life, in the way they eat and drink and eventually in the quality of their lives.

You could be a part of this initiative just like our associates by volunteering your time or expertise or help raising funds to meet the costs involved in restoring their smiles or even referring someone who could benefit from the “Change a life with a smile” program.

The intention of this program is to restore missing teeth in the smile zone only and does not cover dental neglect. It is also the sole discretion of the treating dentists to determine the eligibility of a candidate and by an appropriate procedure within the program. To enroll a potential candidate or to become an associate, please mail details to and we would get back to you shortly.

Come join us, restore a smile and restore a life.